"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

Prairie Modules


This set of modules started in 1998 with a pair of complementary yard ladders. A center module was added in 1999 to allow longer trains to be set up or parked in the yard. By 2001, the platforms, station, and the row of low hills were added.

Prairie, 2002.

Prairie, 2003.

In 2004, the hills on the front edge were replaced by a long continuous ridge with an observation platform and tower for all the rail fans brave enough to take the long hike to the top.

Prairie, 2005, without the center module. By 2009, the birail track had completely disappeared on almost all other modules. This situation rendered that track, and its passenger station, a dead-end because the two transitions to it were running the same direction. Correcting that would require a fourth module on the left/west side.

A few scenery ideas came up quickly, including a road running underneath all tracks. That triggered a rethinking of the module layout. This is the Ice House, with a lighted road tunnel.

More room for scenery, both in the front and back were desirable. A siding to the front red track could highlight the passenger station and place it adjacent to the town.

A revamped loco servicing area looked like a good idea, too. Thus the old modules were scrapped and a new set of 4 modules were built. Lots of scenery elements were transferred to the new modules, and each of them were named after a significant building adjacent to it. The new modules were first shown at the Fort Worth show in November, 2009. The Loco Shed is on the left.

Ascending grade to the tower.

Observation Tower.

New Prairie, 2010.