"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

Oklahoma City, December 2011



A tall grain silo is appropriate for this Kansas module at the Oklahoma City Show.



A view of two modern industries along the mainline.



Here is our first “people bridge” module. The yellow rubber mat protects electrical lines running underneath the module. The “bridge” opens like a draw bridge to let club members enter or leave the layout interior.



On the right side is the brass clasp which keeps the bridge locked and the tracks aligned while running trains. The first step to opening the bridge is releasing the clasp.



A view underneath the bridge reveals electrical wiring neatly organized.



Here is another view of the bridge in the open position. Train power is automatically disconnected when the bridge is open.



The Northeast Oklahoma N-Scalers (NEONS) participated in the show and presented this unique corner module featuring a football field.


Heavy tonnage freights round the curve hugging the bluffs on this Oklahoma themed layout.