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Rocky Plains



Rocky Plains is located on the alt-blue and bi-rail combination of lines. The big cement elevator belongs to a wide-area distributor, loading rail cars rather than unloading. The transfer warehouse serves a wide rural area.

Railhead Interchange uses the yellow and red lines (the latter also matching the bi-rail) as a representation for connecting to railroads off the layout. The continuation of the two lines beyond the module end away from the cement elevator is assumed to be included in the interchange. The yellow stub on the module end near the cement elevator can be used as a team track if the through-going lines on the module are taken to be the bi-rails.

Industries include Grey Gold Company and Rocky Plains County Transfer.


This module was built in 1997 along with the Big Sky inside corner to extend the peninsula.



Here is a view of the Grey Gold Company, taken in September, 1999.



This white building is the Rocky Plains County Transfer.



A diagonal view of the Grey Gold Company.



About 2002 the regular blue line was added, and the combined alt-blue and bi-rail tracks were replaced with a straight alt-blue line. Almost all industries on the module went out of business, except for one survivor in the upper left corner.