"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

2013 Layouts


Each year Tex-N is allocated floorspace for this show by the North Texas Council of Railroad Clubs. Our layout master, Dave Andrews, comes up with creative ways to utilize the space. For 2013, we kept the industrial reverse-loop on the left side and created a long mainline run from there going north. The main then turns east through the 8-foot yard, going south into a rectangular reverse and continuous-running sections.



This year’s layout was augmented with 5 modules (green outline) from the AustNtrak club (based in Austin, Texas). AustNtrak members ran trains all weekend alongside Tex-N members. The Freight House at the old Wills Point T&P Depot provides plenty of space to run trains, talk with visitors, and watch prototype trains from the UP and Amtrak run on the tracks outside. Wills Point is a favored location of many club members.

The 2013 Oklahoma City Train Show included two types of N scale modular clubs. Of course there is the N-Trak clubs such as Tex-N, Oklahoma N Railers, and the Northeast Oklahoma N Scalers (NEONS).  N-Trak modules are typically 2′ by 4′ with a module height of 40″. N-Trak modules stand on legs. T-Trak modules are 12″ by 14″ and sit on a table top. This layout map illustrates a large area (bottom center) devoted to T-Trak modular clubs. The upper half and right corner of this map is dedicated to N-Trak modular clubs. Tex-N’s two corner modules (in blue) are visible in the upper left corner of the map.