"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

2012 Layouts


This year’s Plano Show has a similar layout to prior years. However, this layout includes two 2-foot modules, Britain and Wyoming,  and two 1-foot modules to balance the north and east sides.



Twenty one modules were assembled for the layout at Wills Point, the host of the annual Blue Bird Festival.  The extended peninsula with the industrial reverse-loop modules creates a long and straight mainline for our trains.



Tex-N was invited again this year to the Lockheed Martin Show hosted by the Lockheed Martin Recreation Association in Fort Worth. LMRA offers a wide variety of activities for company employees, which includes many model railroaders.



The year’s Fort Worth layout includes an S-curve peninsula on the right upper side of the U leading into the industrial reverse-loop. The bottom part of the U has two 4 foot yard modules on opposite sides of a 2 foot yard module. The left upper side of the U has a rectangular reverse loop wyed into the main layout.

Our club was happy to participate again at the 2012 Oklahoma City Train Show. We joined a very large N scale modular layout assembled by clubs from Oklahoma and Texas. Tex-N’s two corner modules are incorporated into the center loop at the bottom of the layout map.