"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

2011 Layouts


The January Plano was a big success but the layout map isn’t available. Check out photos from the show here.



We returned to Clark Gardens on the fourth weekend of March. This layout features our standard reverse loop through the industrial modules along with a large loop encompassing 10 modules.


This year’s Blue Bird Festival at Wills Point featured a large layout composed of 21 modules. It was assembled in the old Freight room inside the Texas & Pacific depot freight room.


The May Oklahoma City show was successful but the layout map isn’t available. Check out photos from the show here.


The San Antonio Model Railroad Association held its Annual Family Train Show for the ninth time on July 30-31, 2011. Check out the photos here. The venue was the Live Oak Civic Center in Live Oak, a suburb on the northeast side of San Antonio. Bill Carpenter, of the San Antonio NTRAK Association (SANTRAK), organized the 84 modules into a 3-lobe layout with a 12 scale mile red line. The control system for the red line used EasyDCC equipment provided by SANTRAK and AustNTrak. The Austin club had a full lobe with 4 lines (alt-blue being the fourth) with two extension arms, and part of the inner lines was under EasyDCC control as well. On the other side, Northwest Crossing had set up a full lobe with 4 tracks, here the mountain line being the fourth, and a Digitrax system controlled some of their inner lines. DC under various systems was available as well on at least 3 loops.

There were two peculiar module types in this layout. The two “endcaps” of SANTRAK (built by Jim Ladd) are fairly standard sized modules on which a half circle of tracks are built, which allow to fold a lobe back into U shape. This puts the gathering area for the model railroaders into the open U, avoiding crawling under modules or building a geezer gate. The other unusual module is a “crossover junction” built by Joe Cox of AustNtrak. The two tracks branching off of the red line corner cross over each other before leading into an arm of modules, which in essence provides an extended siding to the red line. (We really treat it as the red main line, and the corner as a short-cut, just as with any other junction module.) The cross-over is protected by operating signals.



It was great to return to Fort Worth for another Lockheed Martin Recreation Association event. Tex-N presented a layout this year that was roughly 400 square feet of space. It featured two 4 foot modules of a large staging yard that provided a variety of train operations.



The Fort Worth Show in November had a unique layout with 4 reverse loops and two peninsulas.  One of those included a double S curve leading into the industrial reverse loop modules. A third 4 foot yard section was added creating a 50% increase in staging capacity for trains.

The Oklahoma City Train Show is held the first weekend of December.  Once again Tex-N was present with three modules (color coded blue) in the lower center of the layout map.  Check out photos here.