"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

2010 Layouts


Our first show was January, 2010 in Plano. Here we revived the horseshoe concept of 2008, again having a pure DCC layout.



In March 2010, we returned to Clark Gardens, repeating the approach of last year with a horseshow with the single-track Quarry loop at one end. The room between the two arms – legs? – was actually a bit wider, thanks again to our 1-foot modules that we sneaked in to extend the short side on the right in the diagram.


At Wills Point, we put our junction modules to work again, this time to support two arms with the two big end loops. We missed getting the foot of a module onto the weighing platform by a fraction of an inch – we actually used a small wood block to provide support for the module from the solid ground around the corner of the platform.




Once again we returned to the Fort Worth Show this year with a slightly twisted U-shaped layout with double return loops.