"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

2008 Layouts


In January 2008, we were back at Plano with yet another limited-space version of our layout. We built a nearly closed horseshoe, running the whole layout on DCC.



In March, we set up again in downtown Fort Worth for the show organized by Great Train Expo. Oklahoma N-Rail, AustNtrak and the Sheperd family from Amarillo joined us this time.



Wills Point’s Bluebird Festival has become a fixture in our calendar by now. Our layout in Mitchell Hall (previously the freight room of the former T&P Depot) and the 12″ to the foot UP line outside made for a very enjoyable weekend.



June brought our second trip to the National N Scale Convention, this time in Louisville, Kentucky. Over 700 NTRAK modules are represented in this diagram, which is the largest NTRAK layout ever assembled to date. Tex-N’s layout is an appendage of section 7. Our layout is enlarged in the image below.


With four hands, we hauled in two vehicles 30 of our modules to participate in this gigantic layout, which had a continuous red line run of 100 scale miles. The diagram is nearly final (a few modules from the shorter arm moved into the main loop 7) and was put together by Frank Wethington of the hosting KSONS club.



In fall, we returned to the LMRA show. A little more space than last year allowed us to set up yet another variation of our space savers.



The Holiday Show needed to be moved to December in 2008, and also to a different venue, the Convention Center in downtown Fort Worth. To ease the tansportation burden, we left a few modules home and gave ourselves a little more space inside the layout. Click here to view the 2008 Fort Worth event gallery.



Another year gone by and almost everyone returned to the Oklahoma City Train Show. Lee came up with yet another layout fitting into the allocated space. This show has been filling the Travel and Tarnsportation Building to the rim for many years now!