"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

2006 Layouts



Plano – January, 2006

In Plano in January 2006, we squeezed another reduced version of our layout into the limited space. This time, we used the Quarry loop to terminate the arm, so we had only one line running out (alt-blue) and back (red), but with a 4500 scale foot siding on the yellow line, which served well for setting up some long (as well as not so long) trains. Of the three tracks in the loop, the yellow line was run with DCC, while the blue and alt-blue were reserved for traditional analog mode. The mountain loop was DCC-controlled one day and DC the other.



Ft. Worth – March, 2006

In March 2006, we managed to get three clubs together for our second multi-club layout, at the Great Train Expo event in Fort Worth. OK N-Rail brought a good portion of their travel layout, and Fred and Betsy Robinson of the Northwest Crossing club near Houston came with their module set. The layout is almost correct, as on the shortest of notices, we had to make do with one less module. And the little gap near the junction in the upper loop was actually filled with our second 1-ft module, connecting the red, yellow and blue tracks. As you can recognize from the photos in our album, we had plenty of reason to have lots of fun.


Wills Point – April, 2006

After a number of years, we received an invitation to the Bluebird Festival in Wills Point again. We filled the Bill Mitchell Hall (the freight room in the former Texas & Pacific depot) with a somewhat reduced version of our layout, mainly at the expense of running length for the DC trains. We were allowed to stay over (and be open) on Sunday, giving us a full weekend for our effort of hauling things out there and back. This event is unique in that we could railfan trains both on our layout and right next to the depot on the old T&P main line (now UP). The Bluebird Festival on Saturday was well worth a visit, too.


College Station – May, 2006

A special highlight was the invitation to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library. Connected to their exhibition “Trains: Tracks of the Iron Horse” (November 2005 through July 2006), they invited numerous clubs to take turns in setting up layouts in the Rotunda of the library. We got to be there the last two weekends of May 2006. Though indoors, we had full sunlight on a good part of our layout for most of every day. (See for yourself in the photo album.) Each and every one of our modules was included, and everything worked beautifully. The red line covered about 6 scale miles, and the yellow line about 5 scale miles.


Denver – August, 2006

The summer brought another event that we have not attended in the past – the National N Scale Convention, which these days combines the National NTRAK Convention and the N Scale Collectors Convention, this year in Denver. Modelers brought modules from as far away as Tucson, Arizona, Houston, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. The plan (courtesy David Porter, Denver Area N Scale Club) is the near-final one, with a few last-minute changes occurring after it was printed. The red line all around the whole layout extended to about 17 scale miles.  Click here to view the NSC Convention photos.


Ft. Worth – November, 2006

The annual Holiday Show in Fort Worth in November saw the premiere of a new horseshoe loop, replacing the well worn industrial loop, and the shipping canal on the British module, was finally taken into operation. As always, we set up the layout in an arrangement that we have never done before, which has become a tradition of ours and shows the flexibility of the NTRAK concept.


Oklahoma City – December, 2006

Attending the Southern Plains N Scale Convention and Oklahoma City Train Show has become one of our traditional events. The layout (coordinated as always by Lee Williams) was a modification of last year’s, and the N scale T-Trak friends from the Dallas area joined forces with like-minded modelers from St. Louis, demonstrating their table-top way of model railroading. Loads of snow in the western plains forced our friends from Denver to stay home; their two modules were replaced by fitting ones from the host club OK N-Rail.