"I'm proud to be a railway modeler" - Rod Stewart

Industry Loop Module


This module was built in 1997 as an alternative for the simple Endloop module. The Yard Corner was built at the same time to allow access to all tracks on the Industry Loop. The Prairie modules were later laid out to fit in between these two.


A view of the loading docks.

Opposite view of the Industry Loop.

Industry Loop, 2003. In the long run, with the bi-rail line disappearing and the desire to allow a direct connection to the standard red, yellow, blue, and alt-blue lines without the need for any other connection, the idea of replacing this loop module grew. Also, time did leave its marks.

Another view of Industry Loop, 2003.

In the summer of 2006, Dave dismantled this two-piece module and built a new two-piece endloop on completely new benchwork. Most buildings moved to the new loop. A local loop surrounds the lower level and provides an additional choice for running trains.

View into the loop, Fall 2006.

Opposite view of Industry Loop, 2007.


Transition ramp and lower level loop, 2009.